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Shaun O'Boyle

I wonder if you've ever had a disk failure and how easy it was to swap in a new drive and get the system running up to normal speed again.

Brooks Jensen

The Netgear NAS built-in software keeps track of disc sector errors and emails a report when it finds a problem. A couple of months ago, one of them started emailing me of increasing sector errors, warning that this is often a sign of impending disc failure. I purchased a replacement disc immediately. Because they are "hot swapable," once the new disc arrived, I simply popped out the going-bad disc, unmounted it from the little hardware bracket (four screws), mounted the hardware onto the new drive, popped it back in and was done. Took me 2 minutes. The NAS recognized the new drive and started the resync process within moments. Some time later (a few hours) I received another email from the system telling me the new drive had been successfully resynced and the system was once again fully redundant. Couldn't have been simpler.

Scott Lowry

Hi Brooks,
I think you meant to say $.14 per gigabyte, otherwise film would start to seem dirt cheap.

Brooks Jensen

Oops. Fixed.

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