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Neil Enns

You may want to consider sending your slides out to be scanned by someone else. Hoenstly, scanning slides and/or negs is the most mind numbingly awful thing in the world to do, and if you have a lot of them it really, really, really, sucks.

I've had good success using scancafe.com, although you need to be prepared to wait for quite a while before they come back.


Jeff in Boston

In response to Neils' response.

The OP used to the word "safe" several times in the request for advice. One should be aware that scancafe.com takes your film and sends it to India for scanning. This is how they offer such low prices. I personally would be very reluctant to hand over film that I cared about to such an operation.

Douglas R Winn

I've been scanning a lot of old medium format film lately, attempting to save all of my old "really great stuff" [uh, not so much!]now after a number of years of digial capture, and I'm back to "cloning off" all of the dust specks, and grainny patches inherent with film. Boy, does digital have it over film in that arena! Kind of a "back to the bad old days" effort.

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