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Jeff in Boston

Wow... that is a bit disconcerting! Once I am done with an image in LR and happy with it I always output it to a PSD file. To me, raw files are always "in play" and open to processing variations due to changes in the processing application. Having a "baked" psd file feels a lot more solid and reliable.

Ivan Makarov

Very good tip Brooks. I started using Lightroom 3, and didn't get as far you as did figuring it out, but it did get me concerned that I had to convert those images to make the changes.

Luckily, I don't do much changes to images that are finished, so it won't affect too many, but that's something to keep in mind.

Douglas R Winn

...like usual, you are there ahead of us, finding the "way"! Thank you, once again, and again.

Brooks Jensen

I agree completely. I always output my final files as PSD as I "close" a project. These PSD files not only avoid these kinds of Lightroom risks, but also create a permanent archive of the project as I produced it at that time. Besides, if I reopen a project for a "second edition" or something, I can always go back to Lightroom and re-output the files, possibly with a new interpretation. In that case, its doubly nice to have the PSDs from the first iteration in a final form that doesn't change. Highly recommended procedure.

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