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Maybe a good idea to update your "Dakota Creek sharpening 01" preset to include the new process version, and also new values for all the specific adjustments that show a difference with the new process version, and re-apply the targeted specific changes that way? (I am guessing this will be a predictable cluster of related settings.)

This has to be better than completely resetting everything - for one thing, you can then re-apply this same preset to those images where you have done other kinds of work, as well as to those where you haven't. So long as the preset is (re-)defined to only affect (include) the necessary categories of adjustment, it will leave all the rest untouched - say, general exposure, toning, local adjustments, crop and so on.

I wonder if it's better to resist thinking of Reset as "removing" settings, or of a preset or an import default as "adding" settings. It's all just changing (overwriting) prior settings of some kind... no adjustment 'slider' can ever have an indeterminate value, no matter what.

regards, RP

Bob Fisher

This is a great example of why applying presets on import isn't necessarily the best approach. Every image is different. In some cases the same settings will work for a number of images and that's where Sync Settings is very useful. Seeing anything other than the data that comes straight out of the camera; whether it's RAW or JPEG, is imperative.

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