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Douglas R Winn

...it is happening to all of us!

Godfrey DiGiorgi

I had someone ask me yesterday if I'd ever used, "... something called film?"

I think the last time I worked seiously with film she was eight years old.

Mark Olwick

Wait till she sees the record player.

I feel old when I see Playmates being born in the 1990's.

Jim Mooney

I snapped a picture of my 5 year old daughter the other day with a 35mm SLR. She came bounding over and pulled the camera down to her level to look at the back of the camera because she wanted to see the image.....

These times they are a changin'

Doug Wood

Do you have an old rotary-dial phone lying around? Pull that out and watch your grandson laugh for hours.

Dennis Houska

Over this past weekend, there was at least two cassette players outputting to digital. I have 100's of self help cassettes (mostly nightengale Insight) that I want to re-study, but this time using a 60 yearl old student vs a 35-40 year old. Hopefully the older me is wiser!
Cordially Denny

PS: I finally figured out that a ministerio out of the cassette to a usb in the computer works great!!! Using a usb mic always sounded hollow and the volume too low.

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