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Michael Reichmann made a try, by giving the customer an option to buy a downloadable version of his video journals. A few years later he does not offer the dvd version anymore.

"Businesses planned for service are apt to succeed. Businesses planned for profit are apt to fail."

Exactly what I mean. If you are interested to serve the customers you will gain more customers and succeed. If you are sticking to the old time physical media as DVD, by claiming no one has managed to make the transition; you are only trying to maximizing the profit and will be overrun by someone as understand the new medium.

But you are lucky that you have readers/listeners/viewers as are wishing you to dare to try the transition. During the transition you could offer both options and you would earn more on me than you do today.

Brooks Jensen

I've followed Michael's project for some time now and he's doing a great job of it. I like his content. As a consumer of his Video Journal, however, I was extremely frustrated with the shift to the download paradigm because I simply could not get his files to download. I worked with Chris on this for some time and I never could get the half a dozen or more 400mb files to download without a timeout or other crash. Finally, I just gave up in frustration. Maybe my experience was unique, but there is no way I would wish this on my readers.

I know he has lots of folks who have no problems at all, but I also know there are others who do. In my way of thinking, I'd rather not have any frustrated customers at all, if possible. We know there would be problems with LXT as a download not only with bandwidth issues, but because a typical issue of LensWork Extended involves dozens of separate files, cross-document links would be at high risk unless the downloads were perfect and perfectly located.

As to profits, I'm not sure I understand your statement about our trying to maximize profits. Michael charges $16.95 for his Video Journal downloads but you can subscribe to LensWork Extended for as little as $4.84 per issue. And we incur the costs of producing and mailing them. Perhaps I should hire Michael as my business consultant!


I have never had any problem with downloading the video journals. Nor do I pay $17 per issue. I pay $10 per issue.

I will happily pay $4.84 for Lenswork Extended, but when I try to order I have to pay $6.50 per issue. For us living abroad (outside North America) buying online and download is faster and cheaper.

About "maximizing the profit"; I am using the same citation as you used, and I am rephrasing what you have written. It is about giving service to customers and not say no, because it is not been proven the most profitable by others, yet.

Yes, it is up to you to chose who you will listen to. Michael can be one of them. As you have written it, you are threatening to increase the price. That might be your choice, and maybe some of current customers will not renew the subscription. It is still your choice.

You might reflect on what I suggest (for free); that you could increase the service and let the subscribers to chose between DVD and downloading. By increasing the choices you might save cost to produce the hard copy, packeting and shipping. You might also increase the number of subscribers; both the younger generation and international.

Chuck Kimmerle

Sorry, Algol, but I have to disagree. The Internet is not yet to the point in speed and quality where the general public is comfortable downloading a DVD's worth of content on a regular basis. Too much time is involved for downloading on a normal day, and it will be even worse when eager subscribers attempt to download the new content, all at the same time. There's as much a chance to lose subscribers as there is to gain them.

The time will come when the Internet and related equipment make such a proposition feasible, but that time is still a few years away at best.


David Duchemin sells his PDFs online at 5 dollars. They mix his ideas and teachings along with his images in short ebook style publications. They seem like they sell great. I personally enjoy them and would love if others released similar content.


I would love to subscribe to the magazine but I live in the UK and the shipping charges are too high. I just checked out the charges again - for a one year subscription for only the magazine it costs $39.00 but the shipping on top of that is $45.00 bringing it to a total of $84.00 for 6 issues.

I can't bring myself to pay more in shipping than for the actual magazine. I understand this is outside of your control, but offering a pay-for PDF of just the magazine (to keep the size manageable) seems like an experiment worth trying.

Would offering it as a magazine for the iPad be a viable option?


A few PDF stores that come to mind. From my understanding, at least the first 2 are doing very well.



I would have been the first to say that I much prefer having a copy shipped to me but I've been buying the pdfs listed above and have been very happy with them.



I also have problems with the shipping costs.

BTW. I never bought the Luminous landscape video journal while they where DVD's, now I have most of them downloaded.


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