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Douglas R Winn

What a great presentation of the "Spectrum". I really appreciated your presentation of the Spectrum at the Folios Seminar, and adding the 'Z'-Axis makes it truly a three dimensional presentation of the options available to use now. The tech quality was very good, and really shows the GF-1's stuff. Thanks Brooks...can't wait for this video seminar to be on the market.


Technically, that seems like a very good result—sharp, contrasty, very watchable. Did you really shoot it at f/1.7?

(I enjoyed the content as well—points well made.)

Gavin Lyons

Enjoyed the video, quality is top-notch (for me). No doubt you go on to talk about PDF, which reminds me to start producing one for my own work. I do agree adding Audio descriptions to our artwork makes the image more approachable to the general public. I mean it's all nice and dandy having exposure and technical info with our work. However it doesn't bring folks closer. We need to self-docent our work.

Currently I'm learning how to use Audacity (audio editing software) by doing (also an advocate of this method), to create AudioBoos / PictureBoos. Three of us are now doing this now Peter Cox, Roger Overall and myself. A link to Roger's PitureBoos (as he's the one who started this mayhem) - http://audioboo.fm/RogerOverall

Wolfgang Lonien

Wow. Tremendous job, done excellently with your new still video cam. Congrats and cheers,


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