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Dennis Allshouse

Dharma Greb's got some serious drive going!!

Douglas R Winn

Brooks--this is very helpful, and you've got a great ear for music as is displayed by your loop creations. This stuff gets more fun all of the time.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

My brother is in the music industry and his counsel to me on a similar question was "Get close to the owners/creators of the music you want and see if they are enthusiastic enough about your project to sign a release ..." Easy for him to say!

Hopefully adding to the information sharing:

Here are some reasonably informative links regards the music licensing business, if you want to go there.


Creating your own (from loops or otherwise) is without a doubt the easiest thing to do. It sidesteps a good bit of effort and cost.


hey brooks, it's enjoyable and great fun to read your new blogs, just what i dreams of! i have been long time Lens Work faithful and great friend .Thank you for this opportunity .

could you please make the Marimba long version available for download? for many many years i wanted this wonderful tune to be my iPhone ringtone.

thank you.




Now, if I "snatch" one of these gems that you put a good amount of work into not to mention spent some cash on would that be breaking an IP right?

Think how many layers that has... :)
I was sorry to hear of the passing in your family.

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