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Dave Kosiur

Many thanks for sharing the present and adjustment layer.

Gavin Lyons


Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge of printing, what a wonderful read.

The truth be known I go back and forth whether I go neutral or warm tones. I like your take on warm tones, but each to their own, it's really down to or discovering your personal style. And isn't that what it's all about ?


Jerry Reed

How can I use the photoshop warm tone adjustment? I was not able to figure how to get it into PS as a layer.

Jerry Reed

Brooks Jensen

Which version of Photoshop are you using?


Brooks, thanks for the info. Is it possible to share the duotone curve setting as well for black and warm gray 11 ink?



Can you explain how to load the Photoshop adjustment in CS6?

Jeremy Frost

I, too, would like to be able to load the adjustment in PS6. Does it become a "custom" setting or do I need to create an action?

Many thanks,



Where are the preset links?

Brooks Jensen

Last line of the post has both links.



I'm also unable to load the layer in PS6. Any advice?

Also, does anybody know if there are mass market book publishers, such as Blurb, that do not use color printers for black and white photographs?

Antonio Correia

I am afraid that at this moment the LR plug-in is not working.

I downloaded it and imported in LR but the program didn't recognized the file.

Can you please correct that if the problem is not mine of course...

Thank you. :)


Thank you for the info, since I first saw the magazine I wondered how was it printed.

I have a question. How many lines per inch was it printed ? it looks like more than 200..

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