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Hi Brooks,

Thank you so much for this podcast, I couldn’t have said it better.
Ive been up on my soapbox trying to get this point across to friends, and they look at me like Im crazy.

Im in my mid 50's and went through chasing the silver bullet in terms of resolution, on film. Started with 4x5 and ended up building a 14"x17" view camera. When is more enough?

Well now as I get older and realize I haven’t made more than a handful of huge prints from large negatives. I learned that for the type of work I do and Images I make and share....."wait for it"....35mm is just fine.

Ive come to love and respect the format with all its limitations. I think of it as more of a challenge and I believe it has bought out the best in this photographer.

I do shoot some Digital when thats what I have with me but prefer film. There is something magic about the anticipation of the images that exist on a roll of exposed 35mm film in your pocket. Versus seeing the image pop up on the back of the camera 1/2 second after the shutter fires. Call me old fashioned :-)

Keep up the great work....its much appreciated.

Jonathan Uren

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