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Go Back. After eight years, nowhere in China is the same place it used to be. The old place will be a new place anyway, you get to reflect upon the differences over the years.

John Crowley

You need to be in the present and 'present' to facilitate your best photography. From what you say, going back will bring you back to the past and you will find yourself reflecting on what was, before beginning to see what is. Better for you to go somewhere new and accept what its offered with fresh eyes. Have a great trip Brooks.

Stephen Kane

I won't weigh in on your Hamletian dilemma, to go or not to go, but just wanted to say that this was a particularly fun podcast. Admittedly, I saw the low taxi price coming a mile away, but sometimes that anticipation makes the laugh bigger. And I loved your daughter's advice: "Dad, you're in China. Just pay for the cab!" A real (and all too easily forgotten) life lesson in those words ...

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