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Merg Ross

I enjoyed this. So true, it takes me back sixty years when my father, I, and Brett Weston would spend a couple of days photographing at Mono Lake. You would expect us to produce similar photographs of the grand landscape. Not so. Of course we did not have the instant feedback possible today, but a few weeks after returning home we would get together and compare photographs. There was very little evidence that we were at the same place at the same time. There were the landscape photographs, of course, but how about the frozen tire track, the dead bird, the abandoned gas pump, the old glove, and on and on.

And the bit about flying down the highway at sixty miles an hour and suddenly turning back to capture something seen--- Brett was a master at this.Even standing beside him when he made the exposure, I saw nothing---until we met to share prints after the trip. There it was, what he saw,stunning!

You guys had fun. And Brooks, each day was better, you really nailed some on that third day.

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