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Mike Spivey

I agree a photograph is not art. In fact the majority of images, if they are ever looked at again are merely memory-joggers. Nothing wrong with that.
Your pronouncement that it isn't art until it is framed and polished can be argued. A nicely framed picture of your cat is still not art.
I notice your examples of different methods of making an image into art excluded (apparently intentionally) the most common method of art consumption today, online presentation. Is it your position that an image presented online is not art?
I have enjoyed your podcast for many years. I don't always agree with your pronouncements but I enjoy different view and ideas and it sometimes makes me rethink my position. Keep up the good work.


Very thought provoking.
I think that the word 'art' isn't useful if we can't agree on what it means.
It is important to remember that photography can be much more than junst taking the photographs.

Vishal Tyagi

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