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Jonathan Uren

Hi Brooks,

Im so glad at least one other person on earth feels this way...

More than a couple times Ive gone through all the prep and research to visit a spot and then at the last minute come up with what seemed like countless reasons not to go.

I have regretted not going the times I stayed home, but never regretted going when I did.....after all isn't the goal in life to have the fewest regrets, when we get to the end of it. :-)


Brooks Jensen

Actually, Jonathan, I'm relieved to read your response. This means I'm not the only one on the planet who struggles with this! Thanks!

Frank Neunemann

Hi Brooks:

You are not the only one suffering from feeling like this. When I listened to the podcast I thought: Can't believe it, this is me!!! The hard thing is to ignore these kind of feelings, get the bum up and get moving. :-)

Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Germany.

Frank N.

daniel seurer

The failure to launch strikes me the most on those early morning winter shoots with an air temperature is often below zero. here in Wisconsin :>) Except for one time I got a bit of frostbite, I never regretted going out, especially when coming home to a nice fire in the fireplace and reviewing the pictures.

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