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Chris Murray

Gimmicks are the hallmark of the lazy "artist". It's much more difficult to rise above the din through improving ones craft. Unfortunately, gimmicks work all too often, and photography as an art form suffers.

Stephen Kane

On the one hand, I know exactly what you mean by "gimmickry." On the other hand, the pantheon of acknowledged art masterpieces includes much that was once derided as gimmickry. On the third hand, there are more than a few pieces in that pantheon that I STILL regard as gimmickry in the service of gimmickry alone. On the fourth hand, if we live in mortal fear of being a gimmickist, we are less likely to explore and expand our own creative boundaries. That's four hands and counting. It's not an easy issue.

Meanwhile, I await your literary masterpiece. It may be an edition of zero, but that still leaves the possibility of an "artist's proof." I know precisely where I'll go to sit and read it.

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