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Donn Meehl

It's funny that I listened to this podcast today. Just yesterday I was reviewing your latest issue (No. 129) and I did notice that the cover image looked different than the inside image. Now I didn't notice the difference in the last issue at all, but ... this month I've been experimenting with a an unfamiliar printer paper. As a result, I've been trying to gain better control of the tones I get with that paper.

Perhaps I'm just a bit more attuned to tonal variations this month as I struggle through the changes. But your podcast hits home with me. Even if my paper choices are subtle or even imperceptible to most viewers, the experience is making me a bit more observant of the entire photographic process.

Congratulations on finding a more suitable paper. I look forward to seeing it in the next issue of your fine publication. And thanks for having the passion to improve your magazine -- it helps me to persist in pursuing excellence in my own work.

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