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D Ross

Oy. Because it's HARD :-). I've been trying for almost a year now. Hoped to have something for "Seeing in Sixes" -- but, so far, only a few nice images without a coherent story.

I think photographers may be photographers precisely because we are not writers. I'm going to keep at it, however. I completely agree with you about its untapped potential.

Fred Brundick

I liked this idea so much that I decided to create "My Year in Pictures". I immediately discovered that I had processed only a few photos from a hike that I took on January first. This may take a while .... ;)

Al Benas

Where I live, if you want to be in an art show so that your work can be seen by the public, you have two choices: A solo show, with all of the difficulties of gaining access to a venue and the cost of mounting your own show, or participating in the world of all-inclusive competitive art. Most of the jurors are classically trained academicians. Many believe that visual art should stand alone, without even titles. That provides a third reason for minimizing the written word. The solo show is fast becoming the best opportunity for creative work provided that you can stand the comical ROI. Or start flooding "Lenswork" with porfolios :)

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