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Kent Rebman

I got a terrific laugh out of your translation difficulties because I had one of my own recently. My wife and I were visiting Paris this spring and were staying in an apartment that eventually developed a plumbing issue. One morning a fellow showed up with his tools and cleared the problem up in a couple of hours and wanted to tell us what the problem had been. Now, I lived in France for some months as a young man but my French has long since deserted me and he rapidly lost me trying to explain what had gone on. I had an inspiration so I grabbed my laptop and pulled up Google translate, put the cursor in the French input box and mimicked typing. This young fellow typed a bit and Google Translate helpfully explained that he "had to make way for the passage of a larger ferret." The lesson here for both of us is, obviously, don't necessarily believe every translation is a good one! ;-)

Fred Brundick

I'm only 61 so I'm not ready to learn Mandarin. However, I know how to count to 10 in Japanese.

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