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James Bullard

A "self-absorbed and a self-limiting clique". Yes, that pretty much describes the contemporary photography and art world. I suppose that you could say that print media in general provide a training ground for photographers in the sense of general technical skill. I think the biggest problem though is the ubiquity of photography and photo "sharing" sites where praise is more common than constructive criticism. What criticism there is tends toward the technical rather than content and creating images that manage to communicate to a wider audience.

One of my observations is the emphasis on what I would call celebrity subject matter. I recall being on a site last year where someone asked a well known photographer how they could make better landscape photos and the photographer answered "go where the better landscapes are" (referring to iconic scenes in National Parks). We need somehow to encourage beginning photographers to visually relate to the world immediately around them rather than running off to (re)make technically perfect images of places others thought worthy of recording.

Scott Hendershot

For anyone interested in presenting their work to a large and varied audience I would recommend exhibiting in art festivals. The aesthetic tastes of viewers are all over the place. Some people will love your work. Others will hate it. Open minded photographers who truly want feedback on their work will find a wealth of people willing to provide it.

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