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I congratulate you on fulfilling your dream! I'm looking forward to your thoughts and images as you travel.

I had the same itinerant photographer dream. I was always wondering how to find the room for a darkroom in an RV and determined the only method was a custom RV. Of course I couldn't begin to afford such a vehicle at the time. As I near retirement I realize the dream is available because of the digital imaging revolution. Sadly, once again the funds are limited to the point I would have to live in the RV full time. Full time RVing is not out of the question except for the problems of growing old which require regular visits to doctors.

Mike Katona

We have to dream or all is lost.
My fifth wheel home with digital darkroom is my joy and my salvation.
I carried my dream since 1968 and now live it.
Bon voyage!

Jim Azevedo

It's terrific that you've dusted off that dream and made it a reality. I've done it, and I can tell you for certain it is worth whatever it takes. Please keep us up to date on your adventures and insights. We'll be waiting, and rooting for you every step of the way.

Jim Bullard

I've often identified with Arlo of the Arlo and Janis cartoon strip whose fantasy was a sailboat and freedom to wander the seas. Like you though I'm a landlubber. I had a sailing experience in Sept. of 2011 and found ship life too confining. Congratulations on your adventure. I hope to become a fellow explorer in another year or so.

Allan Culver

My 30 year dream was completed 2 months ago with a trip to a Winnebago dealer and I hope to meet you on the road.

Happy travels.

Tim Layton

Brooks, congratulations! I think many of us from the darkroom days share a similar dream. I am dumb enough to still being doing film and even wet plate. Oddly enough the wet plate process is easier than sheet film because I have a portable darkroom that I made from a cardboard wardrobe box. I only need total darkness for a few brief moments and that is it. For sheet film I have gone to using Diafine in the field because it lasts for years and is stable between 60 and 85 degrees, which is the same temperature ranges that we like as people.

You are right, the advantage of technology, laptops, tablets, iPhones, brodband hotspots, etc have all helped to enable things never possible before. You should be well equipped in your travels and very productive.

I am excited to see and read about your adventures and I wish you many good days ahead.

Kind regards,

Tim Layton

Barry Scully

Enjoy that trip, you may never want to stop :)

David Blanchard

Been on my list for a long time. I dream of a modified 5th wheel Toy Carrier. Mods would turn the "carrier" part into a office with room for a small car/motorcycle.

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