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Kenneth Nelson

The here and now is important as it holds a story to tell in the future. This mindset is forefront in me as I grapple the constraint of time with either photographing, or printing.

Most days I'm thinking "I could be out there shooting what's happening now."

Most nights I'm thinking "I could be in there printing now."

I'll be able to print (later) what I've photographed today, but surely won't be able to print what I may have missed photographing today.

This thinking along with juggling other things in life are what's keeping me from printing earlier negatives until I've reached maturity (whenever that may be).

Barry Wolf

Your comments ring so true to me. The clown series that was printed in Lenswork last January sat in my computer for 2 years because I didn't think they were just right, something was missing. They didn't communicate the feeling I was looking for in the images. It took several years of looking at them off and on and not very often, before the light bulb came on. It finally occurred to me what I would need to do to make them sing for me. Since that experience I continue to revisit older images that I may have passed on but now I'm taking another look to see if they catch fire for me.
It is true that the new technology is some of the driving force behind this rebirth.

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