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Wesley Picotte

With all due respect, rankings from Alexa in the context of this post are meaningless. 100, 1000, or 1000,000 visitors to a website who take no action that's beneficial to the site owner are worthless.

The only think that matters when looking at numbers like those discussed here is what the results are based on your objectives. I'd readily take 100 site visitors who arrive because what I have to say or offer is highly relevant over a million site visitors for the sake of achieving an Alexa rank.

And, Alexa rank is absolutely not what you should pay attention to in any event. At the volumes typical for most photographer sites, Alexa's numbers are unreliable. I've used some of the most refined measurement tools available and the reliability thresholds are well above the average visitation most of these sites receive.

Web analytics data is what matters for small businesses or photographer websites. This blog uses Google Analytics - your month over month, quarter over quarter, and YOY numbers are far more valuable in terms of assessing your marekting investments, and even then only when measured against your business objectives.

Chuck Kimmerle

I hope Wesley is right, because my Alexa number approaches the national debt.

However, I think it is important to realize that photographer/artist websites, at least from my experiences, are starting to take a backseat to social networking sites and blogs, both of which make pushing updates a lot easier.

Brooks Jensen

Sorry if I misled you on this. What really counts is not so much your Alexa ranking as it is the trend of your Alexa ranking over time. If your Alexa ranking is improving, then you can be assured you are building your audience. On the other hand, if your Alexa rating is getting worse and worse, you might want to re-think whatever strategies you're using to build traffic for your website.

Web App Developers

Your Alexa ranking tells you the popularity of your site. From 1 (the most popular) to billions (least popular).


good tips alexa for ranking


hai my website present alexa ranking 10,000 but what should i do 5000 alexa rank

Iam submitting social media sites, and social networking sites how to improve 5000 alexa rank

Jeremy Potter

My site dropped from about 2 million to 26 million in under a month...ok, what algorithm can get it so wrong/so right. The traffic to the site remains the same, in fact it has increased and the content is constantly added. That's strange.

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