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Montie Talbert

"...the seeds of LensWork were born. Clearly, we didn't invent anything, but I do like to think that we might have picked up a torch that Stieglitz and White had lit and carried a long, long way."

You have done that admirably, as I'm sure many of us "Old Timers" would agree! ;-)

Montie Talbert

Jerry Jelinek

Thanks Brooks for the heads up on this. I have a few of the older editions of Aperture, and always find Minor Whites vision truly unique and challenging.

You bring up a question that I have not been able to find an answer for. I know there exists the Taschen publication of the complete images from Stieglitz's Camera Work. But after seeing a few of the Camera Work publications in a museum a few years ago, I realized Camera Work had text(articles) and ads in it. Are there any contemporary publications that have the text portion of Camera Work reproduced in them?


There are three volumes of Camera Work reprints available on Lulu. They include issues 1-12, and contain all of the text, ads, and images, as far as I can tell.

Michael J Carl

Good call Brooks! I just received my copy yesterday afternoon. The book is not a page by page reproduction but it contains everything of importance from the heyday of Aperture. I can't even read the current version. I pick it from time to time at my local Barnes and Noble and put it back just shaking my head. Looking forward to a slow, enjoyable read of what amounts to a class on photography by a great teacher. I envision a lot of note taking.

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