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J Riley Stewart

Was it Yogi Berra who said "..when you find a fork in the road, take it.?" But when there are a thousand forks, taking any of them could / will cause you to go in circles, getting nothing done. And the forks you mention in the article only relate to creative forks... there are also marketing forks, sales forks, accounting forks, etc. It's overwhelming sometimes. As a mature artist, I've learned to evaluate each and every fork I'm confronted with, take those I really WANT to take, and let the others grow over with grass. I know those forks will be available to me in the future, if I ever choose to take them. What would be great is better information that would help us make the decision to take a particular fork (or not). Do PDF books sell? Do videos do anything except entertain (i.e., do they actually drive traffic to my sales site?) I don't know, but it would certainly be useful information to know which forks are productive and which aren't so much. After all, with a thousands forks to explore, trial and error is not an option, for me at least-- I don't have that many years left.


I have found I don't have the energy, the mental quiet, the time, etc, to deal with such a bewildering decision tree. I simply limit what decisions I'm going to make by arbitrarily cutting through to just a couple of simple goals:

- I like prints, so I always want to make a print. My prints nowadays are often card-sized rather than gigunda things that cover a wall.

- I like a short slide show, so I always think in terms of "what eight to twenty images makes a good slide show, and what music fits them."

- I like books, so I always think "hmm, have i got enough material to sustain a full book length work?" Thinking of which, I better get off my butt and start putting together the book I've been laying out in my head since August. The photos are (mostly) all done ... ;-)

I no longer care about accounting, profitability, saleability, etc, because I no longer think of doing photography as an income generating exercise. I think of it as an expressive enterprise and consider it more important to be satisfying to me and to the audience that follows my work.


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