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Chappy Achen

Why do you bring this up if you don't care what system you are using, I suspect you feel a twinge of regret, or envy, otherwise who cares. Just one thing, LensWork is the best photo magazine out there and I'm glad you are able to produce it with the quality and content that you do, time and again.

Jim Bullard

I've been using Windows ever since DOS days. Several times when I was upgrading someone would inevitably tell me I should get a MAC and I'd ask why?. The conversation usually went like this:
Them: You're a photographer, you should be using a MAC.
Me: How is it better?
Them: Most photographers choose MACs.
Me: Why?
Them: They're better than Windows machines.
Me: How?
Them: They are easier to use.
Me: Easier than what I already know how to use?
End of discussion.

Keep your Windows machines Brooks. They obviously work for you. When the output becomes solely dependent on the technology, art will truly be dead.

Braden Walters

I consider myself a technological polyglot, in that I use both Windows and OSX--and a few others as well--depending on my needs. Having many years of daily use of all the above, I can only chalk it all up to people having to justify their expenditures.

All these OSes have fabulous features, and they all having annoying quirks and issues. I grew up on Windows, and know it intimately, but it still throws me curve-balls with every new release. And Mac OSX? Well, it just works ... except when it doesn't, which is far more often than Apple's marketing people want you to know about.

But this is all symptomatic of software development cycles and the rush-to-market, not any particular company or technology. Both companies (and the open source movement, I should add) make great products. Is it really any different than the tired old Nikon v. Canon debate?

Personally, am going to immediately buy at least 3 Windows 8 licenses ... but only because they are going to be cheap for the first few months, and it always seems like I need another license ...

Barry Cunningham

Actually, I thought the quote was not from an ex-President, but rather from a late King: Rodney King.

Brooks Jensen

May be so, but the first time I heard it was Bill Clinton. Unless Rodney King was president for a while and I missed it.

SEO Birmingham

As a recent convert to MAC, i can say it seems to work better for me, however there are still little quirks im not to keen on (like the fact you cant just simply maximize the window to fill the screen without losing all of your menu bars etc and going into full movie screen type mode). BUT i do believe over the course of the next year or so ill be compeltely dependent on the mac os and wont look back

Vitali Prokopenko

Canon vs. Nikon? Anyone up for that discussion? ;-)

Joseph @Mozy

The launch of Windows 8 couldn't have come at a worse time than the middle of an electoral campaign in the United States and a hurricane which destroyed many homes and lives. I have not yet tried Windows 8 and probably won't until some time has passed and I get to read user reviews about it. My perception is that Windows never come up with two quality operating systems in a row. There was XP which was excellent, Vista which was rubbish, and Windows 7 which is very good (I presently work on it and I have nothing to say against it). From the look of it, Windows 8 tries to copy Apple's idea and is good for tablets only.

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