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Jim Bullard

I for one don't view Lenswork Extended on my phone. Partly for the aging eyes reason and party because I've learned from previewing images on the camera screen that size is important to whether some images 'work' or not. Tiny images work better if they lean heavily on strong forms but images with small detail need to be bigger. I've shot photos that looks fine on the little screen but when I blew them up on the computer screen they were "Eh!".

Stephen Kane

I would second Jim Bullard's comments. There's an art to making images appealing at the smaller sizes, but for some images, no amount of art or artifice will do them justice. Others may look like gallery masterpieces when seen small (thus the popularity of instant-art apps?) but fail in the transition to "standard" photo size. I guess it's just one more thing to consider before tossing certain photographs in the digital trash.

Joan Myers

What headphones do you have? I'm in the market...

Brooks Jensen

For what use? Home, on the go, bluetooth, music? Truth be told, I have about 10 different pair that I use for various purposes.

Joan Myers

Hi Brooks: I need good ones for a movie, on the go, for my Nexus 7. I spend too much time in airports and motel rooms...j

Brooks Jensen

For more than you probably want to know, see http://daily.lenswork.com/2012/11/headphones.html.


I actually was viewing and reading almost everything on the iPhone before I got an iPad and never gave it a second thought as to screen size. Portability was far more important. However, now, having an iPad, I read and write almost everything there, and only use large screen of my computer to post-process images. It might go away one day, too. Again- portability....

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