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Zsolt Arkossy

Thank you Brooks for the commitment. This is exactly what differentiates your magazine from the others. Passion and obsession for upmost quality. I would pay twice the price just to keep afloat LensWork. Thanks again!

andy ilachinski

A big round of well deserved applause to Lenswork! No price is too steep to keep reveling in the extraordinary quality your magazine provides, and the joy it brings (at least to us "old foogies" who still "love the smell of ink" ;-) Thanks Brooks and Maureen!

Markus Spring

For news outlets this is most probably unavoidable - the oldtimers that read news"papers" become less and less. But in accordance with your podcast, photography also creates artifacts, and for them paper is still the gold standard. The community valueing it may be small, but I am glad that lenswork caters for them.

Merg Ross

Thank you, Brooks and Maureen. It is always good to hear your reassurance of a commitment to paper and ink -- may the tradition long continue!

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