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Just to note: you won't find many post-1922 books at gutenberg.org because they're not likely to be in the Public Domain in the US. Project Gutenberg is very careful to vet works that are in the Public Domain so as to avoid nasty lawsuits. Post-1922 works are either very carefully researched (e.g. the Science Fiction short stories) or are made available by the copyright holder.

Also, as a volunteer proofreader (through Distributed Proofreaders at pgdp.net), I recommend that you look for Project Gutenberg books later than about 10,000 if you're looking for well-converted text versions. The early ones are quite... idiosyncratic.

Kathy Eyster

As someone who has used optical character "guessing", I completely relate to the often abysmal transcription that takes place. It's often more efficient for me to type-transcribe the document myself! Thanks so much for sharing these new sites where I can truly find a "copy" (closer to a photocopy) of some of these original books. And BTW, the Forsyte Saga is even better in the printed version than the BBC video series.

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