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Andy Garcia

Glad to see you on Facebook. Now, when are you going to launch in Google+, LOL? The general consensus in photographer circles is that if you want to reach the "masses", Facebook is the place to be, but if your target audience are photographers, then Google+ is the place to be. Either way, I'm hooked on LW, so I'll follow wherever it goes......

Stephen Kane

Just finished the initial work on my own Facebook photo business "Page," with more than a few head-scratching frustrations, and then checked in at LensWork to reward myself during lunch -- only to see the headline "Facebook!" One of those wonderful too-funny moments in life.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

I've been on Facebook a while and dislike it intensely. I'm only there because it seems that for some of my friends and business acquaintances it's become the only way to communicate. I'll put up with FB on that basis. But it doesn't make me smile or want to say good things about it.

Did I say that in my best curmudgeon voice?

Vitali Prokopenko

Hooray, I'm your 200th like, which means you can reserve shorter URL for LensWork facebook page.

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