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Montie Talbert

Well written...I think of history as a precise gauge for measuring the evolution of human intelligence, among other things. My history courses in college were great fact gathering mechanisms, but I didn't
get the essence until...Ken Burns! ;-)


Randall R Bresee

I've never met you, Brooks, but I'm beginning to like you a lot !
Randall R Bresee

Rob Lewis

Here's an article that was reprinted in today's Australian Financial Review that I think I would never have read if not for your blog. I think its along the same lines but for painters and drawing artists.


Jamie Pillers

In a sense, it doesn't really matter if a young photographer chooses to study or recognize the historical underpinnings of their passion. After all, history will have the last say anyway.

But it would be useful if the history of photography was presented to blossoming photographers somewhere along the way if for no other reason than they not bother us with their rehashing of what's already been discovered.

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