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Vitali Prokopenko

The simplest solution is actually having two cards in camera and camera making two copies on the fly. This has been done in expensive cameras for a while. Now this feature got into "cheaper" cameras (which are still quite expensive). Not sure if it ever makes to mid-range, entry level cameras.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

I recall there was a USB based protocol that allowed this sort of operation with hard drives a few years back. Can't remember what it was called, but the notion was that there were enough smarts in a small self powered enclosure to connect to a camera using DCIM standard file layout, read what was there, and copy it to a similar structure on the drive's file system. I think it was used as the basis of a few standalone, hard drive based 'image tanks'.

Same idea could be applied to a flash storage drive to even a card reader fitted with a memory card. It perplexes me too that no products like this have become popular yet.


I believe the USB feature Godfrey mentions, is known as a USB "on-the-Go" or OTG copy box. They seem to still exist out there. However most of the OTG information now, seems to be for passive interlinking cables with the idea that one end of this link is going to be supplying the power and smartitude, such as a tablet etc. The copy box (battery driven) doesn't require that, it can sit between two completely simple storage devices. There are the power needs of these devices to consider.


eye-fi wireless backup to a phone or tablet. then the phone/tablet uploads files in the cloud. you don't have to do anything other than the initial set-up, then you go out and shoot and backup just happens automatically.

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