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"Something has to differentiate the best from the mediocre."

"Why is it in photography that it always comes down to size?"
(Could size be a possible indicator of technical abilities, business success, marketing abilities, etc.?)

"Sure, we can all by a Canon 5D and shoot an episode of House, M.D., but can we buy enough computing power and know-how to do a home-grown version of Despicable Me?"

Brooks you are much better at saying this stuff than me, but I do see a connecting thread; a repeating connection in my 30 years of being in and out of the visual arts business.

As always, I enjoy your thoughts and direction.

Richard Childs

Very interesting. If I remember correctly there's a line from one of those marvellous animated movies (The Incredibles) made by the character 'Syndrome'. It goes something like this:
"When I retire I'll sell my invention...then everyone will be superheroes, and when everyone is super, no-one will be."
For a long time it has occurred to me that this is happening in stills photography. The latest cameras enable everyone to take good pictures and with a scatter gun approach many are building a fine collection but very few retain the craft needed to be consistantly good and make virtually every shot count without the immediate feedback given by the modern dslrs etc. The result being a lowering of the appreciation by the public of what a really accomplished photographer can do because their belief is that the camera does the work.
Incedentally I own and use a 9880 printer but rarely get an order to print anything to fill the width but lay up print runs of 10x8s, 15x12s etc instead.

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