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Don Kennedy

Hi. I'm a commercial large format printer. We typically back roll the print jobs that require flattening. Once they sit for a while (half a day?) when we unroll them, they are pretty flat. They can sit on a production table for a day or so until we can plaque mount, matte or laminate them. Hope that helps.

Kerry G. Little

There is a tool called the De-Roller that will take the curl out of paper. They com ein 24" & 50" sizes. Some photographers who cut roll paper to non-standard sizes use the de-roller before printing.

Hunter Bahr

The comment above is on track. It is called a D-Roller by Don Dressler. Michael Reichmann has a review on his site. It is simple elegant solution.


Luminous-Landscape swears by this de-roller

The Bienfang De-Roller will allow you to take the curl out of fine art papers that come off a roll. Most fine art papers can be "De-Rolled" in just a few seconds. Non rag papers will require more De-Rolling time than 100% rag papers. This means more time rolled up in the De-Roller, but rarely more than a few minutes.

Neil Enns

Yup. The De-Roller. I have one and it works perfectly. Crazy stupid expensive but it works. I tried making my own using concepts found on the web, but it sucked and got dog hair stuck to it.


Steve Gledhill

I reverse roll the curled printed paper on a length of plastic rain water pipe for a few hours then lay it out to rest on a flat surface for a day - no weights. By then it's usually flat enough. Also, some large paper sheets show curl, and, depending on the orientation of the curl it can cause print head strikes on the up-curled edges. A few minutes on my rain water pipe before printing successfully deals with that problem.

Dominic Ciancibelli

Another solution for mounting......

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