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The publisher is just going where the largest market resides at this time. Scott Kelby published some interesting share-of-market numbers a couple of months ago when he started introducing Apps and the Android based tablets were miniscule in numbers compared to iPads. I prefer PDF but old school publishers are just myopic at this time.

Rich Ruh

Apple is in the business of selling devices, not books. Amazon is the business of selling books, hence the proliferation of Kindle clients on multiple devices. Both companies are up-front about their business models, so I'm not sure why you're mad at Apple.

The publisher made a choice to publish this on Apple instead of Amazon (which sells over 70% of e-books worldwide) or Nook.

Some possible reasons:
- Better contract terms
- Better file format (Kindle format was designed primarily for text, and the vast majority of Kindle devices are black and white eInk readers)

Apple didn't make this decision- the publisher did.

(And there's always the possibility that a new format will come out next week for a different platform)

Dennis Mook

Amen, brother. As for market share, saying that Apple has the majority of the tablet market is short-sighted. Millions of people have PC based laptops and desktops, many more around the world than iOS devices, and to eliminate that market is foolhardy. Personally, I rather look at electronic photographs on my 24 inch monitor than a portable device. As already mentioned, I can read my Kindle content on my desktop, laptop, android phone, iPad and even both of my Kindles, the Fire and keyboard models. I have access to Kindle content at any time, which is nice. Could this all be about absolute control and money?


if you were PISSED, welcome to my world, where not a single day passes without being greeted with these words at some point: item not available in your COUNTRY!

Jim Bullard

Scott Kelby of NAPP produces a digital magazine that is only available to iPad users. When Andriod users complained we got lectured about feeling entitled. If we chose to use a non-Apple platform we should accept the limitations that come with that choice. Apple not only wants to sell devices, they want to control what is on those devices. Apple is a club and you have to be an Apple fanboy to understand the mentality.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

Whole lotta silliness, people.

iBook Author can produce iBooks as well as epubs and PDFs. If you want all the bells and whistles that it supports in iBooks, then only the iOS iBook app can show your work. However, if you want to produce a simpler but still very compelling PDF, it's up to you as an author to do so ... and you can market such electronic publications any way you want. And if you want to create iBooks but give them away, you can give them away to anyone who has a compatible iOS device with iBooks to read them.

Or you can create your book in Apple's Pages app and output to .pages format, or either epub or PDF (or Word or HTML).
Or you can create your book in Apple's Keynote app and output to .key format, or either PDF, MPEG-4, etc.

Can you create a Kindle mobi format book and sell it outside of the Amazon infrastructure? I don't know, but I don't know of anyone doing it.

It's up to the author of a book to determine the best implementation and distribution options for their work. Apple offers plenty of choices. James Whitlow Delano simply chose one which he found to be the most compelling, and it isn't available on other platforms.

Michael J Carl

Brooks don't rant on apple. Instead ask Mr Delano why he is only offering it through iBooks. Maybe another version is in the works. He isn't required to exclusively sell it through iBooks or Kindle or any other platform for that matter. In a perfect world one format would work for all. Next time you come to Montana you can borrow my copy.

PS - Have a great and safe trip to China.


Oh come on michael, it's waaaaay easier to just rant about apple

Al Benas

Brooks, I agree with you completely. If you follow Apple's history, it seems to indicate that, back 15+ years ago, the way to return to a viable company (when Steve Jobs returned to Apple) and stay there was to sell their products, with brilliant design and advertising, and then administer total control. It has been a very successful strategy, but one that demands complete allegiance from a large base of users. But I believe that when you agree to forsake all competition, society will eventually suffer. I have lived through this when my daughter attended art school and had to buy in to the Apple universe, and I haven't stopped paying the "price" for it since. I can only shake my head when I have to compare what I have available to me in the alternate universe and what she is forced to do. But ultimately, it was the author's decision to forgo a significant market - and I actually like real books best of all:)

And maybe if Google fostered the same software consistency across the various Android hardware platforms as Microsoft fostered with Windows, there might be a better content market opportunity for consumers.

Or maybe if Nikon dSLRs were the only cameras that could take landscape photos ...

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