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Markus Spring

Well, I probably hate ads as much as you do, and the first thing I install in any browser is an ad blocker - they make up for a completely different internet experience.
But then how do we get our message through? First thing is, I don't think a business like lenswork has a very ad-affine target group. That leaves word of mouth or mentions in well renowned websites/blogs as probably the only way to not-advertise. And that seems to work, as it is btw. the way I learned about lenswork.


Good advertising is communication. If you knew I am a photographer and had told me that I might have a look at lenswork, that 'd been quite OK. (In fact, it was George Barr who in one of his books told me it might be a good idea to have a look at Lenswork).
Shouting incessantly into one's ear to buy my product buy my product buy my product is not communication. It is one way abusing. The sad thing is that the advertisers are not even to blame for it. It's us. If we would immediately decide to never ever buy anything from an abuser, it would stop, very soon. But since even spam seems to have some kind of succes rate, I am beyond hope.

Jim Bullard

When watching TV we mute the ads. They can be kind of amusing without sound. You can make up your own dialog or message based on the images. Occasionally I'm actually intrigued enough to turn the sound back on and hear what they actually are saying.

Godfrey DiGiorgi

I do my damnedest to eliminate useless noise from my life, which includes most of advertising. No TV other than why I stream after broadcast, few magazines, ad blockers, etc. When I want information about products or news, I look for it: I refuse to be hammered by it.

I refuse to participate in the common mileau of distraction, and if I have to give up a modicum of the popular culture to do it, so be it.

More and more of my friends are turning the same way. I hope that advertisers are listening ... Don't hammer us with garbage, make your information easily available when we want or need it.

Hey you kids, get off the lawn!

Steve Gledhill

I don't quite know how I've achieved it but if they knew me I'd make the advertisers tear their hair out. Somehow I don't see or register advertising on the internet. I suspect that over the years I've steadily tuned out so that even when the advertisers have got their hooks into what I'm possibly interested in it just passes me by. Clearly I'm aware that there is stuff aimed to tempt me - but I just don't see it. I wish I could teach others to do it but I don't know how it has happened. It's not that I don't buy stuff or search for stuff, I do all of the time, but I do it on my terms - or at least I do as far as I'm aware!!!

James Keogh

Brooks have you tried using google chrome with adblock... no more banner ads!


I think my life become in line with yours- no radion or TV, only live streaming from Nextflix or iTunes, mostly blogs instead of printed magazines and newspapers. But as much relief as it is, without all those useless information bombarding my brain and wasting my time, I am worried sometimes. The ads are the important marketing tool, and the least interesting products (like those in informercials) will need to be advertised somehow, in the way you will not be able to ignore. I am predicted the change in the way ads are delivered, and I am afraid it will be even worse than it is. If anything can be worse then stream of spam in e-mail client....

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